SIA-C Dual & SELF-POWERED Relay OC&EF Protection Relays with standard transformers

SIA-C Dual & SELF-POWERED Relay OC&EF Protection Relays with standard transformers

The SIA-C is an Overcurrent Protection Relay with SELF-POWERED and Dual Powered (self+auxiliary) models.

Being Fanox one of the first manufacturers in designing one Self-powered relay with these characteristics, now has already designed the SIA-C, with a more compact size, for covering all the customers’ requirements and making the installation much easier.

The relay SIA-C gets its supply from the current lines through standard transformers /1 or /5 placed therein, eliminating the necessity of batteries and any other kind of maintenance, decreasing this way considerably the center’s operative cost. Optionally it is possible to add auxiliary supply apart from the characteristic self-powered supply


  • Protection functions:50, 50N/G, 50/51, 50/51 N/G, 86, PLC. Optionally 49T and 68.
  • Self power supply 0.1 In (3phase) and 0,2 In (single phase).
  • Auxiliary supply 24 Vdc/110 Vac/230 Vac/48Vdc/85-265Vdc-ac.
  • Test menu.
  • Optionally with internal commissioning battery.
  • Communication protocol Modbus RTU.
  • Uses the operating current through three /1(2.5VA) or /5(5VA) standard current transformers fitted on the lines.
  • Without battery operating costs of the centre are reduced. 500 events are recorded and specific test menu is provided. In withdrawable model up to 1024 events are recorded.
  • The line opening mechanism is activated by a striker or a coil using TCM trip adapter.
  • Trip cause indication even if the relay loses the supply.
  • Front port RS232, Rear port RS485. (optional)
  • Two different sizes: 4Ux1/3 rack and 4Ux3/5 rack.
  • Up to 3 signalling outputs. In withdrawable model these outputs are configurable thanks to programmable logic (PLC).
  • In withdrawable model the contrast of the LCD is adjustable and the demand register is provided.