SIA-F OC&EF Protection Relays with auxiliary supply

SIA-F OC&EF Protection Relays with auxiliary supply

Main Characteristics:

  • Protection functions: 50P, 50/51P, 50N/G, 50/51 N/G, CLP and 86. Optionally 52, 50BF, 49, 49T and Trip block for Switch disconnector.
  • Auxiliary supply (110-230 Vac / 90-300 Vdc or 24-48 Vdc).
  • Compact size and reduced depth.
  • Low power cosumption (0.5W, 24Vdc).
  • Non volatile RAM memory to store up to 200 events.
  • USB connection on the front, Modbus RTU communication protocol.
  • Possibility of external battery power supply (KITCOM).
  • Programmable logic (PLC).



  • Adaptor that lets you connect two batteries AAA type of 1,5V to the SIA-F relays using the front USB communications port.
  • The adaptor allows the use of a 5V battery power supply.
  • Ensures full operability of the SIA, even when tripping in case of a fault.